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Rapture Interconnect Testimonial

"the soundstage is mesmerizing; stage up to this point unbeatable in my experience. the black silence between well defined placement of 3d images is bible black and starless....with the deep stage set behind my speakers and extending well beyond my speakers side to side. great fun. exciting, transporting, and relaxing, it actually feels like an environment is created rather than a room recreated. no grain, flawless pace and wide extension with shimmering highs and deep natural taut bass. micro dynamics and revealing of inner detail is astonishing. and with the detail revealed so astutely and naturally combined with the head bobbing and toe-tapping macrodynamics, they seem to make bare the composer's intent. since you mentioned jazz, I use coltrane's ballads as one of my test cd' can hear the spittle on the reed...and there is a tremolo at the very end of each note on the first cut i have never heard before. breathtaking. the piano is across half the stage and the whisper and control of the brushes gets my goofy grin cemented in place. the attack/decay and sustain is perfect on emphasis and without exaggeration. really, I was perfectly satisfied with the extremes and revelations, but now they're a bit spoiled for me as the rapture is upon us make me a mormon and save my ancestors they are without compare in my experience. they are the BEST, period. i have no idea how to put a price on them....they're priceless."


- Art


Gabriel Gold Rapture Interconnect
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GG Rapture Speaker Wire Testimonial

The Rapture speaker cables expand on the Rapture pantheon. .. Zeus! Odin! Power and poetry. Magic and magnificence.


The most notable is the ease of control of the full spectrum of sound and the insane detail conveyed . Nuances of all instruments and vocals are spectacularly displayed: the separation of voices in close harmony and proximity, the last second bending of a note as it glides into darkness on a long decay, the resonance of string not directly struck on acoustic guitars are all more that just apparent....they were meant to be there and now they're are , as they always were, but somehow never heard before. You can't know what isn’t there, but then you only miss your water when it's gone. Addictive is what these cables are.


Bass is organic and full with out being overemphasized or boomy. Acoustic bass and bowed instruments are melt your heart and sit in your grandfather's lap comfy, raw and caressing. However it was played is how it is heard. The highs are extended and lively, but not aggressive or grating. And the midrange, OH, the midrange. Let's just say I don't miss my tube preamplifier any more.....ahhhhhhhh.


After they had broken in, I sat to down to listen. But, I kept jumping out of my chair and danced around all footloose and gangly now almost diagnosable echolalis "no way, no way, you must be jivin' " Repeated in the perfect rhythm and pace from the Raptures.


Everything the interconnects offered and somehow more. Pristine, defined full sized and rounded images themselves. The stage is expanded side to side, but much deeper all the nuances already so real in sonic reproduction it's almost surreal. Transportations available. Seats on the excursion might be expensive, but worth the price since the ticket is for endless admissions and journey begins again every time you find a moment to drop into your seat and turn it on.


- Budburma


Gabriel Gold Rapture Speaker Wire
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